Spoon, anyone?

I thought I should feature one great company that specialises in personalised wedding souvenirs and guest favours: The Loving Spoon. Maya – the founder and the main creative force of the Loving Spoon, searches flee markets wherever she goes and chases down the best pieces of antique silverware. She then throughly polishes them and proceeds with printing whichever text you wish to appear on your spoons, knives or cake shovels.Read More »

Invitations and Save-The-Dates

As a general rule for weddings abroad, save-the-dates and formal invitations are sent earlier than those for local weddings. Don’t forget that your guests will have to plan trips, allocate budget, take vacations… All this requires time – so make sure you give enough of it to the people who you wish to see at your wedding.

Save-the-dates can be sent off as early as one year before the big day. Especially if there are people who will be coming from a different continent. Invitations should follow after a few months but not later than 4 months before the big day.Read More »

Guest favors and wedding souvenirs

Showing your guests how glad you are to share one of the happiest days of your life with them is just as important as sending out the Thank-You notes within one month after the wedding. Actually, both these aspects are a sign of respect, appreciation and care.

Many – if not most of your guests, if you are getting married abroad – will have travelled a long way, spent a lot of money and probably took several days-off from work to be able to be with you two and share those special moments with you and it is just right to make them feel how much you appreciate it.Read More »

Wedding Photographers

If you ask my opinion about two things NOT to save money on while organizing a wedding, I’ll tell you: 1. Photographer; 2. Food. Cut on any other element but I urge you not to save on these two.

As time goes by many things will be forgotten, memories will eventually fade. No one will remember those fantastic pink king-size lilies that fragranced the whole room. You might not remember that super-fancy knife that you cut your wedding cake with. Or maybe even the wedding cake itself won’t seem as crucial to you as it seems now. But photos will stay. Forever. Good or bad – they will be a silent reminder of the day when you became Husband and Wife. And if you make a mistake, the damage will be irreparable. There are ways to stay within budget. But photographer and food are the two sacred cows that just ought to be respected. I will tell you more about food in another post. Since this one is about photography, let’s stick to the topic.Read More »

The Beau-Rivage Palace. Lausanne.

General Info

  • Location: Lausanne. Lake Geneva shores with mountain view.
  • Rooms: 162 junior, premium, imperial and duplex suites
  • Nearest airports: Geneva Cointrin Airport – 40 min by car or 30 min by train


  • Inside:
  • The Sandoz Ballroom: 600 guests for cocktail and 350 for dinner
  • The Rotonde Ballroom: 400 guests for cocktail and 200 for dinner
  • La Terrasse: 150 guests for cocktail and 120 for dinner
  • Arcades: 100 guests for cocktail and 80 for dinner
  • Hermitage: 70 guests for cocktail and 40 for dinner
  • Beaux Arts: 30 guests for cocktail and 20 for dinner
  • Outside:
  • Beau-Rivage Terrace: 600 guests for cocktail
  • Palace Terrace: 600 guests for cocktail
  • Léman: 70 guests for cocktail
  • Beaux-Arts: 50 guests for cocktail
  • Parking: 140 cars. 15 CHF per evening per car (for wedding guests only).

Time restriction for music:

  • Inside: 2 a.m. After 2 a.m. an additional charge of 500 CHF will be made per hour. At 3.30 a.m. the music should stop and the event should end at 4 a.m.
  • Outside: 09.00 p.m. (soft cocktail music only due to the proximity of rooms)

People come to The Beau-Rivage Palace for the eternal classic in a superb imperial wrapping of its grand ballrooms, in vintage furniture of its library and bar, luxurious details of its interiors and mind-blowing crystal chandeliers of its grand ballrooms. People come here to hold their weddings for there are few places in Switzerland that will offer your ceremony a touch of royalty without overdoing it.Read More »

Le Mirador Kempinski Mont-Pèlerin | Lake Geneva

General Info

  • Location: Le Mont Pèlerin, Switzerland’s UNESCO heritage vineyards
  • Rooms: 61 contemporary or classical rooms and suites
  • Nearest airports: Geneva Cointrin Airport – 1 hour by car
  • Helipad: private hotel’s helipad and helicopter available upon request


  • Outside Terrace l’Horizon: up to 150 guests for cocktail and up to 100 for dinner
  • Indoor restaurant Plain Ciel: up to 140 guests for dinner
  • Parking: 40 free parking spaces outside and 40 paid (30 CHF per evening) parking spaces in the indoor garage of the hotel

Time restriction for music:

  • Plain Ciel: no restriction (the wedding package includes service until 1a.m. Every additional hour is 150 CHF).
  • Terrace l’Horizon: no disco or loud dinner music due to the proximity of rooms (except if the entire hotel is booked by you).

Le Mirador Kempinski Mont-Pèlerin is the embodiment of Swiss luxury. Everything about it screams about impeccable, flawless perfection. Without any exaggeration, it is one of the best wedding venues in Switzerland.Read More »