For your convenience Milknhoney Wedding offers you three service packages which you can choose from.

1. Personalized wedding package (Côte d’Azur or Switzerland).
2. Choosing a wedding venue (temporarily available in Switzerland only).
3. Coordination of your wedding

1. Personalized wedding package.

In case you have more questions than answers about your Big Day, this package is for you.
What you will get by opting for this package:
Personalized wedding planning package includes an extensive list of services, such as visits to key-vendors, choosing venues for rehearsal dinner and brunch (if needed), budgeting, RSVP and many-many other things.

During our first conversation in person or over the phone/Skype you will tell me all about your upcoming wedding: your wishes, your worries, your budget, preferred location and venue, number of guests, style and theme (if any) of the wedding…

If you have a very vague idea of how your Big Day should be but you definitely know that you want it “perfect” – worry not: I will ask you to fill out a detailed questionnaire which was created by me to help brides and grooms gather their thoughts, and, at the same time it will help me to understand what you have in mind. Once I have understood it, I start working to make your dream wedding come true.

If you wish to get a personalized quote, please do get in touch. The quoted fee will very much depend on the size and scale of your wedding, the number of services you wish me to provide, the logistics of the wedding (i.e., remote venue) and the amount of time required for planning and preparing your wedding.

2. Choosing a wedding venue.

– Depending on the type of venue you choose (hotel, chateau, restaurant..), during one or two days (usually this is sufficient to choose a venue) I will take you to a number of carefully selected venues and provide you with all the information that you need to know: price policy, availability and conditions for holding private events and weddings.

– As a rule it is possible to see 3-5 venues per day (7 hours), depending on their proximity from each other and allowing the necessary time for lunch.

– Following the visits you will tell me about your thoughts and, if necessary, I will help you make up your mind.

– If you are flying into Geneva on the morning of our appointment, I can come and pick you up directly from the airport.

– For larger groups rental of minivan with driver is possible.

If you wish to get more information about this package, please get in touch.

3. On site coordination

This package will suit those couples who already know where they want to hold their special day and how it should be. It will also be great for small-size weddings entirely organized by the couple.
Opting for this package you will get a wedding coordinator(s) who will be present at the wedding venue during the entire day to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

To find out more about our on site coordination services, please get in touch.

Wedding planning can be a real joy and source of pleasure. However, it can also easily become a source of stress and conflicts unless managed properly and professionally. Allow me to help you relax and enjoy the anticipation of one of the most important and happy days of your life.

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