12 steps to writing great wedding vows

Out of all the things that make for a truly personalized wedding, I believe that wedding vows are a real top-ranker. Whilst some couples prefer to repeat traditional (religious) vows after the priest or the celebrant, I strongly urge you to spend the time on writing your own wedding vows. When, if not on this special day, do we get the chance to speak our mind about the little (or big) things that make our heart miss a beat when this person is near? When do we get a chance to make the biggest promises of our life, to this person? Sure, one can respond by telling me “every day”. But hey, not every day we get to do it in front of a crowd of friends, relatives and colleagues who came to share this joy with us; not every day this moment in time will be forever caught on tape (or whatever they catch them on these days) & finally, not every day we actually dedicate an entire day to celebrating the union with the love of our life.Read More »