Wedding Photographers

If you ask my opinion about two things NOT to save money on while organizing a wedding, I’ll tell you: 1. Photographer; 2. Food. Cut on any other element but I urge you not to save on these two.

As time goes by many things will be forgotten, memories will eventually fade. No one will remember those fantastic pink king-size lilies that fragranced the whole room. You might not remember that super-fancy knife that you cut your wedding cake with. Or maybe even the wedding cake itself won’t seem as crucial to you as it seems now. But photos will stay. Forever. Good or bad – they will be a silent reminder of the day when you became Husband and Wife. And if you make a mistake, the damage will be irreparable. There are ways to stay within budget. But photographer and food are the two sacred cows that just ought to be respected. I will tell you more about food in another post. Since this one is about photography, let’s stick to the topic.Read More »

Run up to the wedding: Top 15 Bridal Beauty Don’ts

I will say something really shocking right now. Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. Yep. And for this honorable purpose millions of brides go great lengths and, sadly, very often forget about caution, reason and common sense. We’ve seen it all: sunburned brides who wanted to look tanned on the wedding pictures, swollen eyes – traces of excessive drinking and salty food during the rehearsal dinner, red spots after a “revolutionary” facial, injuries after a killer-workout the day before the wedding… Oh dear, we have witnessed a disaster when a bride had a fantastic idea to bleach her teeth several hours prior the ceremony. Did I mention she used chlorine to do that? Please. Do. Not. Do. That. Ever.

To avoid disappointment, tears and even health hazards, I decided to make this compilation of the main bridal beauty don’ts. For this, apart from my own experience, I used tips and advice of the leading wedding industry professionals, makeup artists, hair stylists, photographers and my colleagues, wedding planners.Read More »

OMG. Priest stops wedding to yell at photographer

I just saw this video and simply had to publish it on the pages of my blog. Out of all the wedding disasters stories I’ve heard of, this one definitely ranks toward the top. The priest got annoyed by the photographers shooting the wedding ceremony and has litterally stopped the ceremony to ask them to leave, telling them that this was “not about the photography but about God”… I felt horrible looking at the face of the bride and groom who seemed completely shocked and speechless (who wouldn’t be?!).

To avoid such disappointments, make sure you talk to your celebrant in advance about all the restrictions he might have about the location of your photographer and videographer. Discuss all the details, including how close/far to the altar they can stand and whether they can move freely throughout the ceremony to get the best shots or have to stay at one chosen spot. It is always a good idea if your photographer speaks to the celebrant personally to show respect. Whatever you do, make sure you all are on the same page.

Note for photographers: use the silent mode for the shutters while shooting the wedding ceremony!

Choosing your wedding cake

I think that, along with choosing your wedding dress, choosing a cake is one of the most pleasant and exciting parts of your wedding preparation. It is definitely the tastiest one! Going to see your chef-pâtissier, looking through the cake catalogue or simply eye-devouring the cakes in exposition… Is there anything more seducing than that?! Well, only sampling your own cake – the one you had chosen after a scrupulous selection process or the one you fell in love with at first sight.Read More »