OMG. Priest stops wedding to yell at photographer

I just saw this video and simply had to publish it on the pages of my blog. Out of all the wedding disasters stories I’ve heard of, this one definitely ranks toward the top. The priest got annoyed by the photographers shooting the wedding ceremony and has litterally stopped the ceremony to ask them to leave, telling them that this was “not about the photography but about God”… I felt horrible looking at the face of the bride and groom who seemed completely shocked and speechless (who wouldn’t be?!).

To avoid such disappointments, make sure you talk to your celebrant in advance about all the restrictions he might have about the location of your photographer and videographer. Discuss all the details, including how close/far to the altar they can stand and whether they can move freely throughout the ceremony to get the best shots or have to stay at one chosen spot. It is always a good idea if your photographer speaks to the celebrant personally to show respect. Whatever you do, make sure you all are on the same page.

Note for photographers: use the silent mode for the shutters while shooting the wedding ceremony!

Why I decided to blog

19 March 2014 – by Elena

I created Milknhoney Wedding to share my wedding planning experience and the knowledge of the two European destinations with the many English- and Russian speaking couples who want to get married in Southern France or in Switzerland.

I lived in many different countries including Russia, Italy, the UK, Puerto-Rico and others. This is why I know how important it is to have a person you can trust when it comes to organizing any event – especially such an important one as wedding.Read More »

Why do I give out so much free information?

22 April 2014 – by Elena

I decided to write this post because of the numerous questions from people who ask me why I give out so much free information on my blog.

I know from my personal experience how stressful it can get when organising your own birthday. This is why I find it quite relieving that we have birthdays rather regularly. Didn’t work out the way you wanted it this year – next year will be better. If not, there will always be the year after! Doesn’t really apply to weddings, I believe…Read More »

Welcome to Milknhoney Wedding

Milknhoney Wedding specialises in planning, designing and organising high-end weddings and events in Switzerland and on the French Riviera. We offer a key-in-the-door event service from the venue search to the day-of coordination and handling of all the vendors and suppliers. This site will be essential reading for English- and Russian speaking couples who are […]