6 ways to make him participate in the wedding planning

He can be the best man in the world. Prince charming, no less (with or without his horse), always happy to dine at your parents’ (wave and smile), always ready to save your life when a giant spider has turned your bed into a cocoon and is just waiting for an oblivious victim (you) to walk nonchalantly in just to parish timelessly in those hairy legs (seriously, I could write horror stories). The man of your dreams is also always there to open cans, jars and bottles for you (those that he himself closed with such a deadly grip like he was actually trying to prevent the Nazis from getting their hands on that apricot jam). He also accompanies you during shopping (“…please God, kill me now…”) and even feeds your cat (“…not to forget to take it to my next duck hunt… & shoot. By mistake, obviously”).

So this is all true and your man is a dream came true. But when you try to engage him into wedding planning, the white knight vanishes into the ether. And even if he continues sitting there, with a vacant stare in his eyes, trust me, he is gone.Read More »