Run up to the wedding: Top 15 Bridal Beauty Don’ts

I will say something really shocking right now. Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. Yep. And for this honorable purpose millions of brides go great lengths and, sadly, very often forget about caution, reason and common sense. We’ve seen it all: sunburned brides who wanted to look tanned on the wedding pictures, swollen eyes – traces of excessive drinking and salty food during the rehearsal dinner, red spots after a “revolutionary” facial, injuries after a killer-workout the day before the wedding… Oh dear, we have witnessed a disaster when a bride had a fantastic idea to bleach her teeth several hours prior the ceremony. Did I mention she used chlorine to do that? Please. Do. Not. Do. That. Ever.

To avoid disappointment, tears and even health hazards, I decided to make this compilation of the main bridal beauty don’ts. For this, apart from my own experience, I used tips and advice of the leading wedding industry professionals, makeup artists, hair stylists, photographers and my colleagues, wedding planners.Read More »