My LogoMilknhoney Wedding has been building its reputation and expertise for several years, planning private events for our international clientele. We bring our best and work only with the best vendors in the event industry. Choosing MHW will give you access to the best wedding venues, best catering companies, florists, musicians and photographers.

We offer not only an extensive list of our partners and suppliers. It is our expertise that is the signature of each Milknhoney Wedding event. We take pride in organising events of any level of complexity and taking the stress off our clients’ shoulders.

For us, each wedding is unique and we make sure that each and every ceremony that we create is a complete reflection of you. We combine creativity with efficiency, personality with originality – all of this to create a truly memorable event for you and your loved ones.

I created the MHW brand because of my passion for events, especially for weddings. I started off by helping other people, including friends and family members, to organize their weddings. I derive immense pleasure by being part of something as beautiful & mysterious as a wedding ceremony.

Having organised numerous weddings, I personally can barely hold the tears back when the Bride & Groom make their vows – no matter how many ceremonies I have attended or organised. I probably won’t be able to say a word without bursting in tears when the time comes for me to make my vows at my own wedding (which, by the way, I am starting to organize now and am unbelievably excited about it!).

If organising your own wedding (or birthday, or anniversary) still seems like mission impossible, do get in touch. We shall be delighted to meet with you personally or speak over the phone/Skype and advise you about how we can assist you in planning the event of your dreams on the French Riviera or in Switzerland.

Sadly, we cannot promise sunshine on your wedding day (still working on it, really), but we do promise to guide you, listen to you and assist you in every step of your wedding planning all the way from day 1 – our first contact – until the day-after brunch.

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This is just a beginning… but worry not – you’re in excellent hands 😉

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