The Love Story

I don’t write too many posts about suppliers but when I do, I make sure there is something outstanding about the person or a company I’m featuring on the pages of my blog. Now, the Love Story is definitely one such company.

Combining several crème de la crème wedding photographers and videographers under its roof, the company offers its clients a difficult choice: to choose one for their wedding.

With 12 years of experience and over 50 (!) weddings per year under their belt, the Love Story team is so passionate about their job that it becomes contagious.

Your experience will most probably start with Laurence – the Love Story manager and your point of contact throughout the process. If you are organizing your wedding by yourself (and not using my service, sigh!), you should already know how difficult it is to get people to answer you. I honestly don’t even know what it is – maybe the utmost relaxation of the Côte d’Azur that makes so many vendors and suppliers reluctant to chase clients. But a fact remains a fact: it is not easy to start a conversation. Scrap all of that with Love Story – and, in particular, with Laurence. She actually answers within hours, if not minutes. You feel that someone out there actually appreciates you getting in touch with them, and values you as a potential client. Nicely refreshing.

As you move forward, a time comes when you pay a visit to the Love Story office. Here you will be offered a nice cup of whatever you wish to drink and shown an impressive number of wedding photographs and videos. Those of us prone to tears (…me!) might want to bring along a tissue (or two) – these teaser videos are a killer for a bride-to-be.

According to what you will see and the feelings you develop while watching the work of different professionals, you will very soon select one, whose style and approach match your expectations the most. I entrusted the most important day of my life to Costi – the photographer and Jean-Noёl, the videographer. Both were fantastic, from the beginning to the end, offering their support, advice and cracking jokes to distract me when I was under too much stress during my preparations. Afterwards I barely noticed their presence at all, throughout the entire event – meaning, I knew they were there but in the most discreet and non-intrusive way possible, yet capturing the best moments of my big day.

But please do not think that I chose Costi and Jean-Noёl because other team members were less great. Not a tiny bit. I chose them like a bride would choose a dress: at some point you just know that this one is for you.

Scroll down to go to the Love Story’s website and feel free to get in touch with them either directly through their website:

or simply by contacting me

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