Invitations and Save-The-Dates

As a general rule for weddings abroad, save-the-dates and formal invitations are sent earlier than those for local weddings. Don’t forget that your guests will have to plan trips, allocate budget, take vacations… All this requires time – so make sure you give enough of it to the people who you wish to see at your wedding.

Save-the-dates can be sent off as early as one year before the big day. Especially if there are people who will be coming from a different continent. Invitations should follow after a few months but not later than 4 months before the big day.

wedding-in-switzerland wedding-invitation-switzerland wedding-invitations-france


Some couples decide to skip save-the-dates altogether, trying to cut costs and have one less thing to care of. The decision is obviously yours – but I strongly recommend against such decision. Save-the-dates are just as important as formal invitations.

save-the-date-wedding-switzerland wedding-in-cote-d-azurwedding-planning

Firstly, because – as I have already mentioned, they are sent way earlier than invitations, thus giving people time to organize themselves and to save money (if necessary). Secondly, these little cards are a very nice way to make your guests live in anticipation of the formal invitation where the exact time and venue of the wedding will be indicated (save-the-dates do not usually contain such information). And thirdly, regardless of the type and style of the wedding, save-the-dates always give you a chance to add a certain degree of fun, cuteness and fluffiness to the whole thing: from a photo of you two with your pet to a short love-story containing the most significant dates in your relationship.

Funny and romantic save-the-date card


To save you from drowning in the stationary sea, here are some addresses that you might want to check out:

Happy planning! 🙂

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