Guest favors and wedding souvenirs

Showing your guests how glad you are to share one of the happiest days of your life with them is just as important as sending out the Thank-You notes within one month after the wedding. Actually, both these aspects are a sign of respect, appreciation and care.

Many – if not most of your guests, if you are getting married abroad – will have travelled a long way, spent a lot of money and probably took several days-off from work to be able to be with you two and share those special moments with you and it is just right to make them feel how much you appreciate it.

Hand-made lavender soap
Provence wedding


So how do guests receive their favors? Obviously, no one asks you to go from table to table with a trolley packed with stuff. All the favors are delivered to your guests’ hotel rooms on the eve or on the day of their arrival. The delivery is arranged either by your wedding planner or by you and your fiancé. Along with the favors, you can help your guests find their way to the ceremony by giving them a detailed map. A personalized guide of the area that would include best restaurants (chosen by you) and places to visit is also a great idea.

As for the items that you can give out as favors, I personally always recommend to choose regional products – something that typically belongs to the area. Think of a basket with olive oil, fragranced soaps and Provençal herbs if your wedding is in the South of France.

guest-favors-wedding wedding-favor-provence-soap wedding-guest-favors

A basket with handmade chocolates and a bottle of Swiss wine would be perfect for a wedding in Switzerland.

Swiss hand-made chocolates


To make ladies happy and ready to dance the night away, think about providing a bunch of flip-flops – those are always lifesavers after an entire day on high heels! Sun glasses and/or fans will give relief from the sun and heat – if you are holding your ceremony in the open air in July. Needless to say that the list is far from being exhaustive.

Dance shoes for ladies
Sunglasses for summer weddings

In fact, your fantasy and budget are the only two limits. Just like for all the other aspects of your Big Day 😉

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