Wedding Photographers in Côte d’Azur

In the South of France I work with these photographers:

Manuel Meszarovits: International Wedding Photojournalist

Manuel is a great photographer and a great person to deal with. He travelled the world and photographed weddings everywhere from Beirut to Singapore, New York to Paris, Madrid to Buenos Aires. With his vast wedding photography experience and a photojournalist’s eye, Manuel knows how to make sure that not a single important moment, emotion or look escapes his lens. As he puts it himself, he is “in a constant search of a perfect image and every wedding is a different story and a new opportunity to find it”. And when you look at the pictures Manuel has taken (scroll down to see some), you will understand that he surely finds that perfect image at every wedding he photographs.

Manuel Meszarovits wedding photoMeszarovits wedding photo005-wedding-first-look-st-nazaire-and-celse-church-mazan-meszarovits011-young-english-couple-walking-in-countryside-meszarovits028-wedding-ceremony-silat-road-temple-singapore019-scottish-groomsmen-by-manuel-meszarovits You can contact Manuel directly through his website or by contacting me.

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