Le Mas Provençal

To believe it you have to see it. But I will try to somehow explain why Le Mas Provencal appears on the pages of my blog.

This place doesn’t have a fantastic panoramic view over Cote d’Azur, which so many other venues listed on my blog have. It is a restaurant and you will eat there. And that is where everything ordinary about it ends. Picture yourself having a dinner in the middle of a fairy-tale jungle, surrounded with the most amazing flowers, including those that are carnivorous (!). The Alice in Wonderland type jungle. Done? Now, I don’t doubt your imagination but one thing I will tell you – what you’ve just imagined is only about half of what this place is.

Quite an ordinary building on the outside, lots of green plants – but hey, it’s the South of France, after all. But when you step in you will hardly be able to utter anything more coherent than “Oh God… Oh my God…” in the next 20 minutes. Trust a linguist who speaks 5 languages.

Well, to put it in other words: you will be having your meal in a kingdom of exotic flowers and plants that are hanging from the ceiling to… well, nearly your plate. And when I say “kingdom of flowers” I actually mean stunning, breathtaking wall-to-wall fresh floral compositions, covering every square inch of the restaurant, including the passageways. Roses, ivies, lilies, orchids, gladioluses and peonies – to name a few. The astonishing amount of flora simply enthralls the mind of an unprepared diner. And as if this was not enough, add fresh grapes and cherry tomatoes hanging from the ceiling at arm’s reach (yes, you can eat them, too! 😉

Moving on to the tables. Each of them is covered with, well, flowers. A beautiful centerpiece that can embellish even a wedding table are placed in the middle of each table.

When you are not staring at flowers, you will be staring at a huge glass-enclosed waterfall built-in in of the restaurant’s walls. Mr.Heinz, the owner of the place, told me that there once was a party with dancers performing right in that waterfall!

Speaking of Mr.Heinz – the owner. It is thanks to his hard work and endless devotion that Le Mas Provencal has become one of the most unique restaurants in the world. By the way, it is only opened for dinner – that is because during the day Mr.Heinz takes care of the flowers: all day, every day. Tremendous job is done here on a daily basis, watering this green paradise, replacing wilted flowers with fresh. In fact, to water the plants Mr.Heinz covers all the tables and chairs with plastic… Now you know why the restaurant only opens its doors in the evening.

Apart from flowers, which are, of course, the main feature of Le Mas Provencal, the rustic, vintage décor with different intriguing devices is also worth mentioning as it truly complements the unique character of the place. One of my own favourites – antique ceramic tap pouring fresh water. Psst… the water can be replaced with whatever you like (read champagne, cognac, whiskey, etc. 😉 )

Bottomline, Le Mas Provencal is a perfect venue either for a small wedding or for a rehearsal dinner. Wow-factor guaranteed for all your guests.

Please contact me to enquire about any aspect of your wedding in Cote d’Azur. If you wish to organize your special day in Le Mas Provencal, I can arrange a visit to check the availability for your desired dates and negotiate the best rates for your wedding package.
If you decide to get in touch with the restaurant’s administration directly, please mention that you found the venue on my blog. By doing so you will help me make Milknhoney Wedding recognizable and spread the word about my wedding planning activities 🙂

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