Why do I give out so much free information?

22 April 2014 – by Elena

I decided to write this post because of the numerous questions from people who ask me why I give out so much free information on my blog.

I know from my personal experience how stressful it can get when organising your own birthday. This is why I find it quite relieving that we have birthdays rather regularly. Didn’t work out the way you wanted it this year – next year will be better. If not, there will always be the year after! Doesn’t really apply to weddings, I believe…

Jokes aside, we really don’t get more than one chance (okay, sometimes two :-\ ) to have a perfect wedding. And when something goes wrong, there won’t be “another time” to make it right. The photographer only has one day to shoot – often one second to make the perfect shot. The celebrant only has one attempt to make a speech. Bride and Groom only have one chance to read their vows. No pressure. And by the way, if, for any reason, you decided to commit suicide, just come to the Bride when someone has just spilled a glass of red on her dress before the ceremony and tell her with a warm smile: “Oh honey, trust me, in 20 years you will laugh when thinking about this tiny little accident!”. Amen…

Eer, okay, now seriously.

I believe that not every piece of advice/information has to have a price tag on it. I also believe that if a couple decides to organise their wedding by themselves, they will do so no matter how much or how little information you give them. And I do know that when a couple decides to go with a wedding planner, it is not because they cannot find their way around it – with today’s electronic search engines you find just about anything and anywhere. So one way or the other, people will always find what they are looking for. It just might take a bit more time and effort. It is really not at all easy not to drown in the ocean of information that internet throws at you. To find a right dress, venue, florist, patisserie, celebrant, musician, cake – all of this can easily lead to a depression and sleepless nights. Especially when dealing with a limited budget (let’s face it already, most of us do have a limited budget). And if I can help, even indirectly, a loving couple to have a wedding of their dreams, I’m happy to do so – as easy as that, really. And if you actually found the information on this blog useful and want to somehow reward my effort, just leave a nice comment, I will read it & it will make me feel very good 🙂

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